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IMPORTANT: These pages on health are meant to be general guides, not hard and fast rules. They were not written by vets and are NO SUBSTITUTE for veterinary care. If you suspect something is wrong with your iguana, PLEASE see a qualified veterinarian!

Kidney Disorders

Kidney disorders can strike iguanas of any age. Any type of kidney problem is a serious one because the kidneys help the body filter out toxins.

There are many causes of kidney disorders. Two of the most common are dehydration and improper diet. Iguanas are tropical animals and require a high humidity level to thrive. Frequent mistings, humidifiers, and baths can all help keep your iguana hydrated. An environment that is too dry, or foods that take moisture from your iguana such as commercial pellet diets, can all contribute to dehydration and eventual kidney failure.

Diet is another important factor in kidney problems. One of the most common causes of kidney failure in iguanas is the feeding of animal proteins. Iguanas are strict herbivores and their bodies are not designed to handle animal proteins. Iguanas on diets containing animal protein (such as cat or dog food, insects, and even some commercial diets) eventually succumb to kidney failure.

Because iguanas, like most reptiles, hide illness very well, it is important to have a yearly blood check done on your iguana. If problems such as kidney disease are caught early on, treatment is usually more effective. Kidney disease that is not caught until the later stages is almost invariably fatal.

There is more great information on kidney failure on Melissa Kaplan's site.



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