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Commercial Diets

The best diet for an iguana is a FRESH diet. For the most part, we do not recommend feeding commercial iguana diets at all. Most of them are not nutritionally balanced for iguanas, many contain animal protein (a big no no!), and they can be very dehydrating. There is also very little research and very few regulations on the manufacturing of these foods.

The best information on commercial diets can be found at the Green Iguana Society which has links to MK's page.

If the need arises to ever need to use a commercial diet....use the best available and only on occasion. Also, pelleted commercial diets that are dry, must be soaked prior to feeding as the dry pellets will remove all the water from an iguana causing dehydration and constipation. Soaking pellets in juice or plain water to 1/2 will prevent that. By one half... this means that when you can squeeze a piece of food and it is moist at least 1/2 way through.



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