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When to Supplement

Sometimes, in our iguanas life, we may find the need to, on occasion use some type of supplements such as vitamins and calcium. One of the most important and life saving advice is:
More is NOT better. If any supplementation is ever needed, you want to use the smallest amount possible and only a few times a week unless instructed differently by your vet.

Some of those times that supplementation may be needed are:

  • poor condition hatchling or juvenile ig or adult.
  • gravid female
  • lack of being able to provide a variety of correct foods.
  • Lack of being able to provide good quality greens.

If the need arises that some supplements are needed, you want to be sure of the products you are using, or not using.
Never use a phosphorus or D3 containing supplement or calcium unless it was specifically prescribed by your vet for a specific reason.
One of the most studied brands is the Rep Cal brand of herp vitamins and calcium. Again, if needed, do NOT follow the directions on the container!!! Basic rule of thumb is: if you can see it on the food, its too much. A light dusting is all that is used, if ever needed. This cannot be stressed enough!!! Of course the perfect world would have it so we never have to supplement in any way, shape or form by providing us access to all the correct, fresh foods. Supplements are a matter of common sense and need to be based on each individual iguanas needs.


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