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Changing Nutritional Values in Greens

When purchasing greens for our green friends we try to get the freshest foods we can. Unfortunately, unless we can grow our own year round, we are forced to purchase them in stores.

A few tips for purchasing them are:
Always buy organic
Always get the most crisp, dark green bunches you can find.

When we must rely on items being shipped to the stores, some nutrients are lost in these foods. You have to consider the time that has elapsed from picking, packing, shipping and then the stores need to clean them up a bit and get them on the shelves. Alot of valuable nutrients are lost in this timeframe.

Many of you, I am sure, have noticed that sometimes your purchased greens don't last quite so long after you purchase them. That's due to the time that has elapsed from field to your home. During these times, its best to add even more of a variety to your igs diet so they can get the most nutrition they need. When your greens seem to be limp or a bit dry, nutrients are lost...soaking them( for too long) to "bring them back to life" leaches more nutrients. In another section you will see about considering growing some of your own greens.

Other ways that nutrients are lost is in freezing. No matter what amount of time they are frozen, nutrients are lost. Add this to the time from the fields to your home and you can see how the nutrients can drop drastically.
Again, seeing why feeding a huge variety of foods is important.

Looking for a store that has a high turnover in their produce is a good way to get the freshest foods available. If you have access to a farmers market, that's another good source of food supplies. Just remember to ask the person what they use to treat their greens with...pesticide wise and fertilizer wise.



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