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Ig Gardening

We strive to feed our iguanas the best foods we can. Why not try growing some of their foods on your own? Many of the greens grow wonderfully in pots or other containers. Collards, being the healthiest foods for our igs are also one of the easiest and best to grow in containers.

Of course, those that are fortunate enough to live where they can grow the plants outdoors year round AND have a place to plant seeds are the luckiest! Even if you aren't one of the real lucky ones, you can still grow several different greens either year round, in containers or in the ground or seasonally in the ground or containers.

Collards grow wonderfully even in the cold winter months, indoors, in a cooler room with a bright, sunny window. Of course the plants wont get as big as grown outdoors, but the benefit to your iguana getting even a few of those nice, fresh leaves will be great.

Some of the items that are easy to grow for iguanas are: collards, turnip greens, mustard greens and bok choy. Why not give it a try?

There is even an email group dedicated to helping you learn to grow food for your pets. Its called exoticpetsgardening. It can be found at Yahoo Groups.



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