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Why Use the IgDen Diet?

The Iguana Den Diet has been used by hundreds of people worldwide on both healthy igs and igs in rehab with excellent results. The diet is a nutritionally sound one, with particular attention paid to the calcium:phosphorus ratios that are so important in preventing metabolic bone disease and other problems. Below are some comments from users of the IgDen Diet.

Date Mon, 09 Feb 1998 163528 -0800
From: Dr. Jeff Baier, D.V.M.,Ph.D.
Organization: Denver Zoological Foundation
To: Kevin Egan
Subject Iguana Information

I would like to compliment you on your web site. It very informative. I wish I had known about your care sheet when I was in private practice. I would have liked to have made it available to my clients with iguanas.

I also thought I might add some information that you might not be aware of. Regarding UV light sources, there are some good lights now available. The Zoo Med company is now producing the best lights based on the testing that we have done. The Iguana light 5.0 produces the most UVB of all of the commercially available fluorescent lights. There is a medical grade sun lamp available, but it produces UV in amounts that are not safe for humans or reptiles if exposed for periods of more than 30 minutes a day. We have used this type of bulb but limit each animals exposure to two periods of 15 minutes each day. Our staff is required to wear eye protection when working around them.

There is now also available an incandescent light that produces a good amount of UVB. It is being sold as the Wonder Light and is being marketed as a plant light. This lamp can also be used to produce a warm basking spot. However, it is only currently only available in a 250 watt and 160 watt version. Because of this fact it is best used in larger applications, such as a small room.

You are also most likely aware that fluorescent UV lights are only effective if the animal can bask within 18 inches of the light. We also have found that the ends of fluorescent UV lights do not produce UV light. The effective portion of these lights is in the center of the bulb. For example if you have a 24 inch UV light the effective UV is only being produced in an area 6 inches from the center on either side. Leaving the 6 inches on each end producing only visible light (I hope that makes sense).

Regarding dietary supplements, Rep-Cal and other supplements containing Vitamin D are not currently considered to be the ideal way to supplement reptiles. It has been noted by several veterinarians and documented by Dr. Tom Boyer, that animals supplements with these products (especially the ones supplemented with Rep-Cal) can cause soft tissue mineralization. This is likely due to the level of vitamin D contained in these types of supplements. This type of tissue mineralization occurs mainly in the kidney, leading to renal failure. Mineralization can occur in other areas, such as the heart, liver, blood vessels and muscles, but generally the damage in these areas is not as severe and life threatening as the damage in the kidney. This damage has occurred in iguanas with and without UV light exposure. Current recommendations are to supplement iguanas with a calcium only supplement. Exposure to a good UV light source allows them to form the necessary vitamin D.

Hopefully, I haven't over stepped my bounds. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you have not already done so you may want to contact the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians. They may consider publishing your information in the bulletin.

Jeff Baier
Associate Veterinarian
Denver Zoological Gardens

From: Susan Marie Nunley
Date Tue, 5 Jan 1999 233607 -0800
Subject Nala & the iguana den diet

Nala is my 4 year old female iguana. I love her more than life itself, so when she got sick my world started to fall apart. Three weeks ago, she laid 41 eggs (non-fertile). After that, her health began to fail. She would not eat, and was continuing to lose weight. Her color was a very dull brown, and she did nothing but lay around, which is unlike her. The world for her became visits to the vet, injections, and force feeding in an attempt to regain her health. One day after vising Kevin's site, iguana den, I decided to try the iguana den diet for Nala. I am totally amazed at the progress! She is now eating on her on, and finishing every bit of it, and before where there was blood in her stool, now her stools are completely normal. Her color has dramatically changed, and her eyes which once had sunken in, are bright, clear and alert. She is gaining weight, and her appetite is back. The iguana den diet brought her completely back to health in only 3 days!! From now on, this is all she will eat, as will my 4 other igs. Nala is precious, and the iguana den diet did in 3 days what her vet has been trying to do for 3 weeks. I recommend it to everyone.

To: Kevin
From: Ronald Oldham
Subject: Praise for the diet!!!

Hey, Kevin! HI! this is Charlene gave me some info when my female was gravid....anyway i have to tell you about our lizards. For any who are reluctant to try the new diet....DON'T BE! We have a male who had mbd real bad and we had him on another diet for over a year. It kept him alive well enough, but he never really got over it. I know, he never will, but the thing is that he was no larger than a 9 mo. old for 3 years!!! Since we put him on the iguana den diet, started in Feb. of this year. He is growing again! He is now 10 1/2" s-v! and on top of that he is using his partially paralized leg more. Sara says he is improving so much. I have another ig who is stunted for some reason...i have NO idea why he is not growing but since put on the diet he is more colourful and calmer than before. He grows but not to my satisfaction. I have taken them to the vet and they all have clean slates! I just rescued a female who has mbd and she is improving. no longer does she have the wild-eye look. she is even willing to let me hold her. Much improved.

Jade, the female you helped me with is now 11" s-v and she is three. I know for a fact that the diet has helped her a lot! she had quit growing on the other diet. Nothing but the diet has changed and in 2 months she has grown from 9 1/2" to 11"!

When I rescue an iguana I begin a good diet and before anyone gets one of my charges they must read your page! It is the best one I have come across and the diet is wonderful. I have gotten many around here who have igs to begin the den diet and they have nothing but praise for it also. Keep up the good work!

Charlene..........Jade, Duncan, Harlan, Neshira, Toric



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